Values not appearing in Data Approval App


I am trying to use the data approval app to approve some test data that I entered using the data entry app, however the values for each data element are not appearing in the data approval app after selecting the appropriate workflow, period and organisation unit (see attached picture)

I have checked and the values appear with their corresponding data element in the data entry app (see attached picture) so would appreciate any assistance as to this apparent disconnect and pointers to any guidance to better understand how the two link with regards to data storage/database

Happy to provide any furtherinformation that may aid support


DHIS2 version: 2.37.4
Java version: 11.0.14
OS name: Linux



Just realised I needed to run the export of analytics table (within Data Administration) for values in Data Entry to appear in Data Approval and Data Visualization


Thank you for the update @KevinTan! (: A good reminder to the community as well. :+1::+1:

And welcome to the community! :tada::tada::tada:

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