Validation Rules with zeros and nulls

Hi Becky,

in the program rules you can use the function d2:hasValue(‘<var_name>’) to verify if the variable has value.

for example to check if the “MotherAge” is between 10 and 70 you can use the rule

d2:hasValue(‘MotherAge’) && (#{MotherAge} > 70|| #{MotherAge} < 10)




2017-02-14 22:21 GMT+01:00 Smith, Rebecca A.

Hi DHIS community,

Could someone advise me on how to distinguish between a zero and a null in a validation rule?

Basically, I want the validation to pass if a data value is not blank. It should pass even if the value is zero, as long as it’s is filled in. “Zero is significant” is on.

I tried d2:hasValue from the program rules, but got the “expression is not well-formed” message. Is there a different way to check this in validation rules?



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