Validation rules - Statistical rules

How do I set up a statistical rule in DHIS2 Aggregate. I want a statistical rule that notes when Live birth <2500gms is more than 10% of Live births

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Hi @Norah_Stoops,

Is this for validation rules or for analytics reporting?

For validation rules, you can define a rule where the left side is Live birth <2500gms, the comparison operator is >=, and the right side is Live births / 10. (The comparison operator shows the expected case, and the validation rule is triggered when this is not the case.)

For analytics reporting, do you want to show the number of organisation units where this is the case? If so, this can’t be done simply but it can be done using predictors. You can define a predictor to produce a 1 if Live birth <2500gms is more than 10% of Live births, else a 0 (or a missing value). Then run the predictor to produce a 1 at each organization unit where this is true, then run analytics. Then you can count the facilities where this is true.


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Hi @Jim_Grace Jim
Thank you for coming to my rescue. It is for validation rules. I knew there was a 10% somewhere but could not get it right.