Validation rules - How to compare 2 DE from 2 different DataSets

Hi there,

I have 2 different data sets. But DE from the dataSet A should be equal to the DE from the dataSet B. Report period: annually, DE from DS-A not the same DE from DS-B.

How can I create validation rules to check this equality?
Another question is there any way how to get all values inside the DS for particular DE for all OUs? It is needed to check if the sum of values after aggregation is correct and I want to see how the value for comparing get collected.

Thank you


Hi Ulanbek
I believe that you should be able to compare these 2 data elements from different datasets. Just remember when creating the rule to change the period to yearly.
‘Get all values inside DS for a DE for all OU’: I am sure you can use a pivot table to pull out this data. You may have to select a specific OU group to see just facility level data.

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Hi @Ulanbek

If the requirement is to validate these values during data entry then both data elements need to be in the same data set, so if they are closely related why not make them in one data set and use sections?

For your other questions, please check @Norah_Stoops post! Thanks! :smiley:

Hi @Norah_Stoops and @Gassim

Thank you for your reply. I have found the way how to complete it. The main reason was I have 2 big forms with 32 and 17 tables inside. Form A and Form B interrelated and some tables of the Form 2 are reflecting aggregate datas from few tables from the Form A. Therefore Iit was confusing in the beginning.

Now I have faced another problem: overall I have about 3500 OUs. In general everything works fine, except some OUs where validation rules somehow picking up old values and I can’t find the reason for such behaviour. Tried to clear cache, analytics tables, run maintenance etc. The problem is still there.
Maybe anyone faced the same before? Any suggestions?

Thank you again for your support and guidance


Hi @Ulanbek

Glad you found a way! Does this mean that the validation for equality that you were inquiring about is working now and thus the values after aggregation are correct for the annual reporting?

Could we get this with further details into a new topic? It sounds like a new issue rather than the same topic. Validation rules picking up old values, could be the title.