Validation rule field translation request for v2.19

2.17 is unlikely to be updated with this feature. Perhaps future versions. Currently there is no blueprint for this.

Graham: remember that we can always use the psi Data dict app to download a group of data elements, with their UIDs, then we can upload the translations via SQL. From 2.19 the API will support that process as well

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From: Graham T. Smith

Sent: Monday, March 30, 2015 6:27 PM


Cc: rmelia; JM Alcantara

Subject: Validation rule field translation request for v2.19


I would like to request that validation rule description and instruction fields become available for translation in DHIS2 v2.19. Neither of these fields appear to be available in the latest trunk version of the application (screenshot below).


I am implementing a number of validation rules for PSI’s global data reporting module, which will be rolled out to Spanish and French speaking countries in the near future. I will be unable to incorporate validation rules until ES and FR speaking end users are able to vi ew translated instructions for addressing a violated rule. ​

Will it be possible to incorporate this feature in v2.19? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.



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