Validation Rule Analysis issue (Data Quality App)

Hello Team,

We are facing an issue with ‘validation rule analysis’ app in one of the production servers, which we are unable to reproduce in our local instances.
The data entered aligns to the validation rule. But while validating, we are getting error saying that the values do not align with the validation rule, showing some different values.

Here, the validation rule is ‘left expr should be <= right expr’, and the values that were given are 46 and 46. But is shown as below:

But when we see the details, it gives correct values that we entered in data entry app.


In DB also it shows correct values that we entered in the data entry app.
This is happening only for this particular week. The data in other weeks are not causing this issue.

We use DHIS version We have cleared the browser cache, cleared analytics tables and performed maintenance and ran analytics. Also tried in incognito mode. But nothing worked.

Awaiting for your response!
Thank you!

Hi @Katta_Nityapriya

So in the Validation Rule Analysis app it’s showing the value to be 14 whereas in the Data Entry app, it’s showing the value to be 42?

I’ll ask and look around if there’s a known issue related to this but thought it might be worth asking if you ran Maintenance to Permanently delete soft deleted values?

Additionally, would it be possible to update to 2.37.10 (the latest stable release for 2.37)? It is possible that this has been fixed if it’s actually a bug.


In Validation Rule Analysis app,
For one data element, it’s showing the value 42 but in Data Entry app 46.
For another data element, it’s showing the value 14 but in Data Entry app 46.

yes Gassim, we tried but it didn’t work.

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@Katta_Nityapriya what is the periodicity of your validation rules set to? Are they also weekly?

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yes @jason Both are set to weekly

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Hi @jason @Gassim Can you please help me with this problem?

@Katta_Nityapriya I am not sure what the problem is. Could you provide the left and right side validation rule formulas so we can take a look?

Actually the name and description are opposite. It should be -
No. referred to HC <= No. with condition

But the values are same (46 and 46)

Left and right formulas are just those data elements.
left expr - No. referred to HC
right expr - No. with condition

Hi @Katta_Nityapriya

Have you found the solution?
I have the same, even if I have changed the value and rerun all analytics table, somehow validation rule picking up old and unexisting values… Have no idea where and how it is getting those values.



Hi @Ulanbek
No, we also haven’t found any solution. Unable to reproduce in any other instances also.