Validation datavalues

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When users enter datavalues into dataentry form and click Complete button, the system will check the values entered by determining the range for each datalement in list, as following:

  • Calculate average for each datalement in list. Ex : Average value is x

  • Calculate deviation for datavalues of the dataelement. Ex : Deviation is y

  • Calculate Min value = x - (y * factor*)*

               _Max value =  x + (y *_ ***factor****)*
                              with ***factor = 2.0***

However, in Vietnam, some of datavalues which are inputted exceed Max values, so we cannot click Complete button to complete the report.

How do you think if we build a function to define factor with dafault value 2.0 and we can reset it ?

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Châu Thu Trân
HISP Viet Nam
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Hi Tran, did you finally find a solution to your use case related to the min-max data validation rules ? If that’s the case how did you handle that issue ?

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A related question… i’m wondering if the min/max are for the data element values pertain to a single attribute value and not across attributes… I don’t see this specified in any of the documentation.

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