Vaccination Tracking

Hello all,

This is to ask you about how can I create a vaccination tracking stage that allow me to know what are the done vaccines in the previous completed stage.
For example I have a list of vaccines
vaccine 1
vaccine 2
vaccine 3

1st visit for patient:
I opened a stage and checked that I did vaccine 1 then make the stage complete.

2nd visit for patient:
I open a new vaccination stage but I need to show the vaccines done in the previous one.
Can I download COVID toolkit and then change the labels and the rules ?!
Any advice ?
Thank you

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@dina.mazloum I see that you have tagged Marta and Jamie from the android team but I think this is more of an implementation question! I also think this post should be in the Immunization sub-category because you aren’t facing a technical issue, right?

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Hello Dina!

Yes, you certainly can. This is already implemented in the existing Covid vaccination package.

There is a rule that shows the previous vaccine in the indicator panel:

Name of rule: “Show vaccine type from previous vaccination event”

Expression: d2:hasValue( ‘Vaccine_type_previous’ )

where the variable ‘Vaccine_type_previous’ points to a Data Element from the previous event where the vaccine name is recorded.

Action: “Display key/value pair” where the expression to display is the variable “#{Vaccine_type_previous_no_code}” Which is the same variable but the box “use code for option set” is not checked in order to show the vaccine full name.

Hope this helps!

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