I agree with bob on most points and think its a bad idea to have names unique, instead uuids seem like the best solution. But we have to be careful in choosing the length of uuids, mysql and mssql have diff size impls

Also this should be good food for thought: To UUID or not to UUID ? - Percona Database Performance Blog


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Basically I agree with you, just one minor opinion :slight_smile:

Den 28. sep. 2009 kl. 14.36 skrev Bob Jolliffe:

What seems to then happen is that implementors tie themselves up in
knots trying to find new and imaginative ways of naming the "Age"
categories so that they are unique from one another when there is
really no compelling reason to this. With a structure like:

<category id="23" name="Age" uid="4454545656456477756" />

where id is just the internal key and uid is a unique identifier
(which could be a uuid but not necessarily) then there is really no
reason not to have any number of categories with the name "Age"
where each one has different sets of category options.

The problem with non-unique names is that you can easily get into
unintended situations where the name is displayed in a context where
the difference between "versions" is important for the person using
the system. I don´t really know dhis well enough, but I have seen this
kind of problem other places.

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