UTF-8 not showing properly in Maps


We are using latest release of 2.33 for implementation. It seems locales in Russian are not displayed correctly and user cannot menu options. How this could be debugged or fixed easily.


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hi @Murod_Latifov, sorry about that; Can you share a screenshot of this please?

Hi James,

I tried many solutions, including Maintenanace page bad characters - #8 by varl to solve the issue but no luck. Please see screenshots FYI.


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Great to know you tried a few tricks @Murod_Latifov! What Tomcat version are you using? there’s also a Jira ticket logged and is being discussed : [DHIS2-7269] - Jira. Please feel free to add your comments to the ticket so that the team working on it can sort you out too.


Hi @Murod_Latifov,

Please try the suggested fix in: Maintenanace page bad characters - #9 by varl

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