Using the EquityTool DHIS2 program for routine monitoring of equity in a sanitation project - new publication

During the last three years, PSI has used the EquityTool in DHIS2 for the routine monitoring of the wealth status of clients of an urban sanitation project in West Africa. The EquityTool was developed by Metrics 4 Management, and is available on various platforms, including as DHIS2 metadata packages for many countries (for more information on this simple yet effective tool to measure equity, see the the M4M website, and I’m sure that @SamuelJohnson can expand on the metadata packages).

Using DHIS2, our fields staff conducted more than 15,000 routine wealth assessments in urban households who purchased latrines and/or pit latrine emptying services in Benin. The set-up and further configuration of the tool were extremely easy, and the results have allowed project managers to target sanitation services by population and wealth quintile, and to track progress on deliverables throughout the project. Read up all about our experience and lessons learned in the case study, and feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to get more information.


Bram Piot
Sr. Surveillance and Monitoring Advisor
Asia | Vientiane, Lao PDR |

Hi Bram,

Many thanks for sharing this case study, it’s great to see PSI successfully trailblazing the use of the EquityTool in DHIS2 - and at significant scale!

Cheers, Sam.