Using DHIS2 Tracker to Monitor Health Facility Quality of Care; The Uganda Experience

The Ministry of Health Uganda has for the past 5 years undertaken a significant initiative to enhance the monitoring of health facility quality of care through the implementation of assessments using the DHIS2 Tracker. This poster presents “The Uganda Experience,” highlighting the journey from the initial paper-based Health Facility Quality of Care Assessment Program (HFQAP) to the adoption of a sophisticated DHIS2 Tracker model. This transition has facilitated real-time data collection, flexible analysis, and improved assessment reliability across Uganda’s health facilities. Key lessons, achievements, and challenges are summarized to provide insights into the effectiveness and impact of this implementation. The information shared in this poster underscores the critical role of the DHIS2 Tracker model in improving Health facility quality of care assessments. @dkusiima @omielp @prosper @macheng @Emma_Kassy @imwota