Using DHIS2 to Support learning on Family Planning

Part of the Data Use in Practice: Sharing Stories DAC2021 Session: Monday 21st June 15:00

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ReachHealth, implemented by RTI International, is a USAID Family Planning (FP) /Maternal and Neonatal Health Innovations and Capacity Building Platform that is supporting the Philippines health system in their mission to reduce unmet need for FP services and decrease teen pregnancy.

To improve effectiveness throughout the project, ReachHealth integrates monitoring and evaluation, and operations research with USAID’s Collaborating Learning and Adapting (CLA) best practices to create rapid feedback loops for learning and evidence-based decision-making. One of the ways this has been implemented is through results-focused Pause and Reflect sessions.

In this presentation we will review some key examples of how the ReachHealth project is using DHIS2 data dashboards for pause and reflect sessions and the associated learnings that resulted.