Using DHIS2 to Strengthen Cancer Registration Data Systems: From Rwanda to Jamaica

Organization Name: Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaica
Project Title: Using DHIS2 to Strengthen Cancer Registration Data Systems - From Rwanda to Jamaica

The IARC Caribbean Cancer Registry Hub, Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoHW), Jamaica to improve the availability of national cancer data to guide cancer prevention and control strategies in Jamaica.

This project will operationalize a data collection and reporting system to improve the availability of national cancer data, which can be used by the MoHW, Jamaica. Specifically, the DHIS2 Oncology Module will be customized and implemented to enable population-wide reporting on cancer burden by the National Cancer Registry (NCR) of Jamaica.

The MoHW, Jamaica launched the NCR of Jamaica in 2018. Cancer registration activities are conducted across four regions where oncology-related data were collected from the respective health facilities and entered into the CanReg5 application. As a stand-alone application, CanReg5 is useful to store, validate and analyze cancer registry data. However, there are limitations to the networkability of CanReg5 across multiple data entry sites. As such, alternate data capture systems were investigated.

The Rwanda National Cancer Registry developed the DHIS2 Oncology Module. The module allows users to enter oncology-related patient data including patient information, tumour diagnosis and treatment information, using a web browser.

Exploring the use of this module in the Caribbean is appropriate and timely. Also, recognizing the historical use of CanReg5 in the region, a data transfer API is available to upload data collected using the module into CanReg5, allowing registries to take advantage of legacy systems and the analysis capabilities of CanReg5.

Through this project, the DHIS2 Oncology Module will be installed at the MoHW and customized to the NCR of Jamaica. Orientation and capacity building for information technology staff and cancer registry staff will be completed through training and the development of appropriate resources. Data visualization dashboards to support and monitor data collection regionally and nationally will also be developed.

The period for the implementation of activities is September 2023 – December 2024. A Project Technical Working Group has been established to provide oversight, guidance, and decision-making support for the project. A high-level official launch of the project and a National Cancer Registration Workshop aimed to strengthen the capacity of the MoHW to collect, collate, analyse, and disseminate data on cancer have been completed. Additionally, the DHIS2 consultants have been selected and work to install, customize and implement the DHIS2 Oncology Module began on December 1 2023. Implementation progress and results of this work will be presented.