Using DHIS2 Android Capture app to support contraceptives uptake in Nigeria's public health sector: A case study of PSI Adolescent 360 project

Data quality, management of patient referrals, and service uptake are some of the significant operational constraints often faced by reproductive health projects seeking to increase access and plan for tailored service delivery of family planning. To support its contraceptive uptake initiative in the public sector of Nigeria - the Adolescent 360 project(A360), Population Services International (PSI), and Society for Family Health (SFH) co-designed and effectively implemented digital data collection tools using the DHIS2 Android Capture app for improved client mobilization and service uptake.

We set up a series of single Event programs in line with DHIS2 best practices and critical involvement of the project staff. We trained 15 regional teams composed of 600 field staff on the use of DHIS2 Android Capture app. The team went on the pilot phase from May to June 2019, followed by a scale-up period during which the project fully transitioned to mobile DHIS2 in July 2019.

Following the adoption of the DHIS2 Android Capture app was a streamlined data flow, improved efficiencies, data quality, and data use in general. In 2019, the project completed an average of 661 client mobilization and 8,526 service provision reports monthly. This translates to 33 mobilization and 426 service reports completed daily and submitted through the DHIS2 Android Capture App. The project team monitors the overall project performance routinely enabled by DHIS2 analytics and dashboards.

Implementing DHIS2 Android Capture app for Adolescent 360 project presented two main challenges: data synchronization on the Android devices with DHIS2 version 2.30 and connectivity issues in some Nigerian states, which we overcame by managing mobile internet access on the phones and an upgrade to the next release of the DHIS2 Android Capture app. The initiative has been successful and is entirely replicable.

Read full report: A360 - DHIS2 Android Capture App Use Case.pdf