Using dates in DHIS2 (analytics etc.)?

Hi all! I am wondering, are there ways that folks use dates (from date format data elements) in analytics or elsewhere?

I am asking because we currently have users entering certain information in a date format DE, and to be honest some are finding it cumbersome, so I am considering just switching it to a short text DE so they can type it in. But, I would keep it as-is if there are ways to use the formatted date within DHIS2 that I have not utilized yet.

Thank you!!

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I do not think the DE dates are used in analytics.
The time you would use these data element with datetype is when you are defining say program indicators or when using program rules (totally optional). So before you go ahead and make the field text make sure you will not be using them for any of the purposes mentioned above.
It looks like you will not be using or needing this particular data element so instead of making it text which might probably create new problems, why not just remove it from the data collection tool all together. I have found that it helps users adapt if the data collection tools are also small.


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Thank you Emmy, this is helpful!

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