Using core analytic features in place of immunisation analysis app

DHIS2 core analytic features have evolved over time and it should be able to meet most of the requirements that led to the development of some custom applications like immunization analysis applications. We recently created all of the analytic items of the immunization analysis app using the core DHIS2 features for the national data repository for Uganda MOH based on version 2.36. These included; the monitoring chart, categorization of the district based on coverage/dropout rate, and coverage by the vaccine given


  1. Pivot table does not generate cumulate values like the charts therefore not able to create a table with cumulative values of children given vaccine on monthly basis.
  2. In the scatter plot, it is not possible to use colours to shade areas in the chart and visually classify districts based on their performance.

Here are the visualizations in core analytics in comparison with the app


Thank you for your post @omielp! This info is very helpful for the community and it’s great news that you are making progress in Uganda!

May I ask you how are you handling the limitations? Did you create feature request or discuss them with the community? It’s always helpful to bring these up because this allows the core team to take into consideration the challenges faced at the local level and develop solutions.

Thanks! (:

Yes, I’m in touch with @Scott and @Olav, we have had discussions already

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Thank you @omielp for your response! Feel free to share any update whenever you have a second. :+1::+1: