Userole as data dimension

Dear DHIS2 Folks,

Can you please help me on is it possible to use User Role as Dimension in DHIS2.Thanks for your help.

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Hey @RameshReddy thank you for your question! May I ask you how are you going to implement this? And would you please explain the use case / example? Thank you! (:

Hi Gassim,

Thank you for your reply,My use case will be I Want to create the User Role as Dimension. Once I select the dimension that will open the users under that role. Based on that users can see the indicator values under data visualizer.

Ex:Healthworker(User Role) - >H1,H2(users)

Hi @RameshReddy

To clarify, is it the case that you only want certain users to have access to specific indicators?

User roles can’t be used as a dimension, but you can use the concept of metadata sharing to control who sees your indicators.

With this concept, you create a user group, share your indicators with the user group only, and add in the users you want to see the indicators to the user group you have made.

You can view more info about this here:

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Hi Shurajit,

Thanks for your reply, We want use users as a data dimensions in pivot table and event reports. Basically we want data analysis for indicators based on the user. Can you please help us on this.