User role to create new users

Moving to 2.31, i am facing troubles to have user role to create users.
For a specific data set (A), a user group (A) was established, and a user role (A) was also established, and users (A) need to be created.
In order to decentralize the creation of data entry users (A), a user (B) was created with user role (B) having all authorities of user role (A).
As user (B), when creating a new user (A), the user role A is not showing on the screen.
I will be thankful if you can provide assistance.

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Hi @Esumohleb
I am not sure if you have access to your database, but you can try writing an SQL query to update the “publicaccess” column in the “userrole” table. with “rw----”
I am unable to create query for you, but I hope this helps.

@jomutsani, this looks like a bug (has been reported more than once) would you please create a jira issue or further investigate.


Hi @Esumohleb,

How did you sort out your problem?

I am willing to define a role to create new users, but I do not know how.

Can anyone help me, please?.