User Role: Mark a data value for follow-up

What user role is needed to mark a data value for follow-up?
Documentation link: 6.3 Mark a data value for follow-up

I have a user with data-entry priviledges who is unable to flag (star) data values in aggregate forms for follow-up. What user authority do I need to assign to this user role?

Thank you!

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Hi @Mike_Johnson,
I am not sure if this is exactly related to authority (someone please correct me if am wrong).
However as long as user has the authority and access to enter data they will be able to see the STAR once a value has been entered when they double click.
Can you make sure that this user entered a value before they tried to mark value for followup?
If you have done the above, please share screenshots of data entry screen with value entered and after double clicking cell.


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