User Role and Run Validation rule

Hello,data verification does not work for users , everything works for the administrator

i’m use this user role for users

only access Date Entry and reports and Data Visualizer

**Login verification not working in users ** works only you in Superuser it’s work

help me pleas!!

Hi @dino_dhis

First, did you try clearing the browser cache? Trying in your browser’s Guest mode helps eliminate the suspicion that it could be a cache issue.

We need to debug the issue to understand what’s causing the Validation Rules not to work for certain users. Do you see any errors in the Console/Network tabs in the DevTools (F12)?

It’s important that we can reproduce this issue so it’d be helpful if you can share the configuration settings for the Validation rule. What type of metadata object is used in the Left and Right sides of the validation rule (and what are the sharing settings for these objects)? Are organisation unit levels selected?

Is this issue for all Datasets or certain datasets?

It would be great if we can reproduce this on


Hello mr and we can remotely see if then my mail