User login issue

We have been having issue with a particular user profile. Despite having the admin role, few times, the user has not been able to log in or access our DHIS2 instance. Upon logging in as another admin, we found that some of the times, all the user roles / authorities had disappeared from the profile while in another instance, user roles were still assigned but org unit allocation was changed. We only have two admins so it is bizarre that such a thing has happened with one of the admin profile. Has anyone else encountered such issue or does anyone know why this could happen and how to make sure this does not happen in the future.


Hi @hard, tagging @Markus to have a look and advise.

We are facing the same kind of issues in our 2.29 version. Specific user role authorities have been removed, especially when the server goes down due to power cut or something like that. So I guessed, it is the issue of server going down abruptly and when DHIS2 restarts it removes certain role authorities. We raised this issue here but no solution yet.

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Hi @hard,

could you tell me which version you are experiencing this issue on? @MSP had the same issue on 2.29, so narrowing down at the very least the version could help us figure out what could be causing this.

After some suggestions from @juan, this might be an issue of another user updating the admin user. If the user dont have access to the user roles, it might cause some issues.

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We are currently on version 2.26. In our case, such issue did not arise after server down. It just came up randomly and only for one admin. No other admin or user has updated the admin user profile in question. So it is quite confusing as to why it is happening only with 1 admin user profile.
As a solution, we have created a clone profile of the admin user in question. The clone profile had no issues so far. However the main issue is still un-resolved.

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