User-Extended app

I’m Ignacio Foche, director at EyeSeeTea. We are a Spanish company working since long time ago generating sustainable generic DHIS2 open source apps. This app we are presenting to the webapp competition is the User-Extended App, that extends the functionalities of the official User App. In particular we will focus on some key features like:

  • Single actions: edit user properties, copy properties from a user into another user, replicate a user multiple times modifying some properties
  • Bulk actions: delete, edit, enable/disable, change user properties merging or replacing what they had before
  • Export/import to/from CSV to do bulk operations from a spreadsheet

Mine is only working and I can’t see anything on the Catalina log

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Dear Ifoche,
This application was working perfectly until I uninstalled and reinstalled it again. Even when the file is in CSV, it is giving this error below:

Jun 22 12:15:57 hmis tomcat9[269]: * INFO 2022-06-22 12:15:57,879 No template found ( [tomcat-http-7])
Jun 22 12:15:57 hmis tomcat9[269]: * INFO 2022-06-22 12:15:57,889 Complete data set registration import done, total: 1, imported: 1, updated: 0, deleted: 0: 00:00:00.058 ( [tomcat-http-7])

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