User accounts creation through user extended App


I am trying to create Bulk user accounts through User Extended App.i have exported the empty template from the User Extended App.but there is no column for mobile number,as I want to import mobile number along with other information,so what will be the column name for mobile number(BTW i tried the column name Mobile number,but its not working),and also in the template there are only two columns related to organization unit,which are given below.

OUCapture ----> Data capture and maintenance organization units *
OUOutput -----> Data output and analytic organization units

but there is one other option related to organization unit in the GUI i.e Search Organization Units,so please also let me know its column name.


Hi @asifkhan

Thank you for your post!

This template seems to work fine:

You are right it doesn’t seem like it’s an option. There is a teiSearchOrganisationUnits in the API /users endpoint, and it’s also available in the Import / Export app. You can export the Users Metadata and add to the JSON the OUs in the field "teiSearchOrganisationUnits":[] and then import the Metadata again while choosing to add new values and update existing.

Yes, the template is working fine.but as i told you i also want to add phone number and Search Organization Units fields in the columns. so please tell me about these two column name.

You are right, it doesn’t seem like these columns are available even during export. This app needs some updates and it’s currently not available in higher versions.

Please try using the Import / Export app → Metadata export, Metadata Import.


Ok, thanks for your support.


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