User access to SQL view

Hi there!

I want to give access to SQL view to my users so they can download data, which is not possible to get thru Event reports. I have noticed that there is no exclusive rights for SQL view only but for the whole “Maintenance” app.

I am using version 2.33.8.

How do I give access to only SQL View for a specific user?

Any help is very much appreciated.



Hi @MSP!

If I understand correctly, you would like to share the results of the SQL View with a specific user (not access to the Maintenance app to edit it). Is that correct?

This is possible through the API but not in any core app other than the Maintenance App, so you will need to either access the view through manually with the API (see the docs here) or create a custom web app to show the results of a custom SQL View to non-admin users.


Thanks @austin ,

Yes, you are right. I wanted to share the results only. I will try to use the WebApp.



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