useDataQuery, dependent on results from another useDataQuery

Hi all,

New to DHIS2 development and new to React (all my previous experience is in Vue js).

I am attempting to fetch sharing information for my apps Datastore key which involves querying the sharing api endpoint with the datastore key id.

If I hard code the query with the datastore key id all works well. But I am not really sure how chain up the queries so that I can first query the datastore key metadata for the key and then provide this to the second query to get the sharing data.

I am new to React and so I am tying myself in knots following tutorials about useState and useEffect. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Query to fetch datastore key metadata:

const dataStoreKeyMetaData = {
  results: {
    resource: `dataStore/app-namespace/settings/metaData`,
    paging: false

Query to fetch datastore key sharing data:

const dataStoreKeySharingData = {
  results: {
    resource: 'sharing',
    params: ({id}) => ({
      type: "dataStore"

Current functional component that simply returns the sharing data. I have hard coded the id in for now.

const AccessInfo = () => {
  const {loading,error,data} = useDataQuery(dataStoreKeySharingData,{variables:{id:"qOIScqfJ7Ln"}})
  return (
      {error && <div>Error: {error.message}</div>}
      {data && <pre>{JSON.stringify(data,null,2)}</pre>}


Actually I have sort of solved the issue by converting the parent object component into a functional one and then passing the id as a prop to the AccessInfo component

Solution: Learn more about React

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Great to hear! Thanks!

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