Use UI to configure program messages to TEI via email or SMS

Hi! I’d like to send a program message to a TEI either via email or SMS or both. I can see the API docs that this is possible, per Tracker - DHIS2 Documentation. But can this be configured via the UI without having to resort to API programming? Thanks!

Hi @swoodworth,

Yes, it is definitely possible to set up program notifications through the UI. Assuming you have access to an SMS gateway or an email client on your server, these program notifications can then be delivered to appropriate TEI.

Creating the program notification.
See the User Guide documentation

Note: if the message is not immediately delivered, you will also need to set up a Scheduled Job to Send Program Notifications once a day. Scheduling - DHIS2 Documentation

Step by step guide on setting up program notifications at the DHIS2 Tracker Configuration academy (starts at min 16): Tracker Configuration Academy 2022 Day 9 Part 1 - YouTube

Config: SMS
Docs for using the SMS Configuration (Core DHIS2 app).Configure SMS - DHIS2 Documentation

Config: Email
Setting up an Email client your DHIS2 server (note: this may be more of a system administrator’s task) Setting up email on a server - DHIS2 Documentation

Configuring DHIS2 with your email server in the System Settings app


Many thanks Brian. Every time I Googled for the answer I ended up in the API documentation which is not what I wanted!

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