Use program rules to assign values to newly created data elements in all past events

I have created and added a set of new data elements to an already existing program stage. I use program rules to assign them values based on the already existing data elements in the same/current events.
I want to be able to see the values of these new data elements for past events in the event reports app. However, this is only possible for the past events that are actually re-opened (and the assignment is triggered). Is there a way to run some sort of ‘program rule’ analytics to assign values to all data elements in previous events based on existing program rules?

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Hi @paleu256,

I hope you are well today. Did you get a fix for this? Kindly let us know.


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The work-around was a SQL query i did write and ran against the PostgreSQL database. There’s no generic way. It’s really program, programstage, dataelement specific. And yes its now solved. Thanks @jomutsani for checking.

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This is great! Thanks for your valuable feedback @paleu256!