USE of same Tracked entity type in many programs

Hi, everyone.

I was wondering if you could provide a clear explanation about when I can use the same Tracked entity type across many programs. For example, on DHIS 2 Demo Sierra Leone, Person, created as tracked entity, is used in many programs. I have forms in which I track students, health providers, School activists, etc. I would like to know what implications of the creation of Person as a tracked entity instead of the creation of Three tracked entities like student, health provider and school activist.

Hi @dmbantu,

At the moment, there is not too much difference, as there is not so much Tracked entity analytics that can be done across programs yet. The main difference is that using different Tracked entity types, you are able to configure different Tracked Entity Type Attributes for them, different feature type (point/polygon) and different color/icons.

In previous versions the reason many would use the same TET was because you could not create relationships between different TETs. However, from 2.30/2.31 this is not an issue.

Tagging @dhis2-tracker to see if they have any other input on one vs many TETs in different programs.

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