Use of COVID-19 tracker for better data report of the coronavirus disease in Haiti

Part of the Integrated DHIS2 platform for routine & emergency disease surveillance DAC2021 Session: Tuesday 22nd June 14:00

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Nadjy Joseph, Deputy Chief of Party at DAI Global Health under USAID-funded Haiti Strategic Health Information System (HIS) in Haiti

With a population of 11 million people and a population density of 382 people/km2, Haiti has challenges in preventing the spread of infectious disease. Respiratory diseases could be transmitted easily. On March 19, 2020, Haiti confirmed the first two cases of COVID-19. As such, the Ministry of Health of Haiti must get prepared for the potential growth of COVID19 cases by readying emergency response systems; increasing capacity to detect and care for the patient; and ensuring hospitals have space, supplies, and necessary personnel.

The USAID-funded Haiti Strategic Health Information Systems Program (Haiti HIS) has developed a COVID-19 tracker for Haiti’s HIS system to enroll and monitor COVID-19 patients throughout Haiti. The COVID-19 tracker is a mobile application with three modules – diagnosis and lab testing, contact tracing, and port of entry screening. These modules enroll and track suspected cases for 14-days.

Staff of MSPP: Department of Epidemiology, Laboratory, and research (Direction d’Epidémiologie, de Laboratoire et de Recherches)/DELR and Unit for Studies and Programming (Unité d’Etudes et de Programmation) /UEP, have been trained on the use of the tracker.

Thanks to the data flow of the trackers, MSPP feeds the dashboards of Le Système d’Information Sanitaire Nationale Unique (SISNU), which aims to integrate Haiti’s health records across various digital and paper-based reporting platforms into a single system. This national reporting system is based on DHIS2.

The COVID-19 tracker module allows real-time data collection, for UEP and DELR. The module feeds data directly to SISNU the national reporting system. The COVID-19 tracker is a powerful tool allowing close monitoring in real-time of the tracked cases.


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