Use caution if upgrading to 2.34 while using SMS Configuration

There are errors in the flyway DB migrations that cause the SMS configurations to fail. More info here:


Thanks for the heads up. I see this is an issue that goes back 5 months already!

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There has been changes in the SMS Configuration in the backend for 2.34 (in the API and model). But the front end App (Mobile Configuration - SMS Service Configuration) is not perfectly in sync with these API and model changes.
A new sms config app is being released for 2.35 which will sort out this gap.
For previous versions, we will try to handle the startup error by adding a flyway script. At the moment there is no upgrade script and flyway fails fast in order to stop the application from starting in an inconsistent state (with the old SmsConfigurations that is not compatible with the new version).

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Thank you for the information Ameen! I see the ticket on Jira has been updated and I will follow along on the progress there.

An update for this thread. The issue has been fixed in the dev versions of 2.34dev, 2.35dev,2.36dev, which means the fixes will be available in the next patch releases for all of those versions. The releases will be 2.34.2, 2.35.1 and 2.36.0.

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