Use cases and use of "Allow provided elsewhere"

Dear DHIS2 Community,

The DHIS2 Tracker software team is currently working on ensuring feature parity for Tracker programs between Tracker Capture and Capture app. We are therefore analyzing all configuration possibilities in Maintenance for Tracker programs and considering if/how they will be implemented in the Capture app.

One configuration checkbox we had questions about was “Allow provided elsewhere” in Assign data elements in Program stage configuration.

Which results in a checkbox in Tracker capture:

As mentioned by @Abyot_Gizaw from a CoP topic some years back:

The idea with “allow provided elsewhere” is to show that the data element’s value was recorded (provided) in another organization unit.

An example is: Vaccination - A patient is supposed to receive a list of vaccines under a particular program stage. Out of these vaccines, let’s say they have received some of them in another clinic. In this case, there is no need to provide the same vaccine again, rather record it and check the checkbox that the service (vaccine) was provided elsewhere.

However, this flag:

  • Does not automatically link any data elements/data values
  • There is also no analytics associated with this flag
  • And it has not been implemented in the Android app.

We are therefore asking the community these questions:

  • How are you using the “Allow provided elsewhere” in your implementations?
  • If you have configured a similar use case (To show services were provided at a different facility), how have you done this? How is this represented in your analytics?

These answers will help us consider how and if to implement this in the Capture app, and whether the flag/checkbox should be removed in the Maintenance app configuration to lessen the complexity of program configuration.

Thanks in advance!


Hi community!

Just checking in on this topic again - to see if anyone is using this functionality for their Tracker programs. Knowing the use cases will help us consider how to implement this in the new Capture app.

Thanks so much,
DHIS2 Functional design team