Use Case Configuration app

has anyone installed use case configuration app since it was developed? i installed it in our instance, version 40 but its disable. How can i fix this

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Hi @Lawrence_Reneck

I’m facing an issue installing and running the app myself as well. I tried to install it in but I’m getting an error when I open it even though I gave the user the authority to access the app:

Another issue I noticed when installing apps using the App Management app is that after I click on Install and the app is supposedly installed, the button doesn’t change to uninstall:

@Rene, would you please help investigate the issues above? Any suggestions, thanks!

Hi there!

The one requirement for the app to work, is you need to have a program configured that has LMIS properties. Once you’ve got that setup you should see a screen like this:

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 09.50.04

where you should be able to select the one program that has LMIS properties

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 09.50.08

Let me know if you get that to work!

@Gassim the default requirement for the app is to log in using a system administrator, the admin account isn’t authorized enough :slight_smile:

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Hie @Rene . I find that to be very high level explanation. How can I configure a program to have LMIS properties?

Hi @Lawrence_Reneck to use the Use Case Configuration webapp it is needed:

  • server should be at least 2.39.1
  • user should have all authority
  • access to eLMIS programs

An eLMIS program should have the following:

  • Tracker program with one repeatable program stage, that has an event that is Non-Autogenerated
  • Program rules to provide the real time stock on hand update.
  • Data elements and Tracker Entity Attributes assign to the program and program stage.

Rene and I have created a program you could reference in play.40 server.

In these guides, you can also find more info on how to set up a LMIS program step by step:

Let me know if there is something else we can help :slight_smile:


Hie @Rene and @milagros. Thank you for your answers and effort.You have been helpful. You are stars.