Usage of Tracker Associate..

Good day to all.

Kindly note I am a newbie to DHIS2. We are implementing DHIS2 through a developer and he says DHIS2 works like Excel. He means the data entered in one program/tracker cannot be used/linked with another program. I went through the online manuals and suggested him to use Tracker Associate to create links between Tracker Entities. But we are not able to achieve what we want. Hence I am here asking you the question, can we implement something like the designs shown below:

Requirement 1:


In the above design, The household details are in a Tracker Entity called Household. Here I want to select one household via the Tracker Associate and display the address of the selected household.

Requirement 2:


Here, the requirement is almost similar to requirement 1 but I want to display the TE attributes of an Individual in a tabular form. I also want to add as many individuals in the line items as I want.

My background is bespoke software development and ERP implementations for 20 years. I am surprised to hear that the entity relations cannot be implemented in DHIS2.

Any assistance in this regard is very much appreciated.

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MSP (Selvaraj)