Usage of both Enrollment date and Incidence dates in a Program

Hi all,

when setting up a program, we select whether to show Incidence data and Enrollment date and then able to name these dates.

In the tracker Data Model - Session Summary, we have this information:

Incident Date : The date which triggers the first event

What does it mean in practice triggering the first event?



It is possible to enroll a TEI in a program and not start an event. Let’s say the TEIs is enrolled in the program and only three days after, the first event is created, the day this first event is created is called the incident date.

This is helpful in the case that TEI the enrollment date is not as important as the date of the first event and you could name this incident date depending on the first expected event such as “Birth Event.”

Hi @Gassim,

Is it possible to deactivate the incident date in the tracker configuration so that it does not appear in reports?


Hi @hernandezmachava

If incident date is not being used then have you tried deselecting the following option in the program configuration? ‘Show Incident date’

Hi @hernandezmachava,

You can not hide the incident date in the Line list in Event Reports app, unfortunately. But if you are using 2.38 or above you can use the Line Listing app where this is not an issue.