US President's Malaria Initiative VectorLink Builds In-Country Capacity on DHIS2 Platform

The project will have all its indoor residual spraying (IRS) countries using the same global DHIS 2 database for data entry and data visualization. In 2018, the project rolled out the use of the platform in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, and Kenya. In 2019, PMI VectorLink will bring seven additional countries onto the system and by 2020, all PMI VectorLink countries implementing IRS will be using the VectorLink Collect DHIS 2 system for IRS data. The VectorLink team is currently developing an entomological surveillance module for the DHIS 2 system, including insecticide resistance and susceptibility testing data, to provide a “one-stop data shop” for vector control decision-making.


Very interesting! Is this entomological surveillance module related to the WHO module that is in development? I understand the WHO ento module currently has a prototype available for resistance and susceptibility data, and should be expanding to other ento data as well.

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