Urgent: TRUE_ONLY DE doesn't save new state

Hi community, @software_developer20 , @dhis2-tracker

Just want to inform you if you using DHIS 40.3. you may face new bug with TRUE_ONLY DE.
The matter of issue is: if you tick once TRUE_ONLY DE and want to untick it, the new state will not be saved. Check it again.

the Bug report has been created [DHIS2-17363] - Jira

Hope Tracker development team will issue new patch urgently.


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Hi @Ulanbek

I tried to follow the step by step process you mentioned in the Jira issue (thanks, it’s very helpful).

It seems that I am able to untick the value you mentioned in the Jira ticket but if I don’t click on incomplete first and then complete it doesn’t work.

Please try again but make sure to click on ‘incomplete’ and then ‘complete’ if the stage is already completed.

Hi @Gassim

Thank you for your reply. You can take any TRUE_ONLY data element and try to tick first, save, go back and open the same event and untick and save. Then open it again. It suppose to be unticket, but it will remain ticket.

Please try on any other not completed yet events, or you can make new one.

Thank you
Regards, Ulanbek

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Thanks for reporting this @Ulanbek! I was able to reproduce the issue, now I’m looking into ways to fix it.