URGENT: Tracker Capture (Web) App not loading

Hi all,

Please note I took the db backup from DHIS and restored in my windows instance. This is what I have been doing several times to do local development and testing. But this time, the Tracker Capture Web App is not loading but shows only “Loading Metadata…” and doesn’t do anything.


Also, I can see the report on the dashboard but when I try to open an existing Event report from the favorites, the open dialog box does not show up anything but “Loading”.

I can see the Programs, Users, etc but these things does not work.

Please help to resolve this issue. It is urgent.

We are using Version: 2.29, Build revision: 0b4de69, Build date: 2018-08-15 08:1234:

Thanks in advance.




There should be no such issues with 2.29 (2.33dev/2.33.2 do seem to have a newly introduced casting bug that might cause problems).

BUT your description of the “Loading meta-data” are symptomatic for (local) servers where the parameter
is missing from the Connector parameters in Tomcat’s server.xml file (in tomcat/conf folder).

Is is possible that you updated tomcat to a newer build recently, and then forgot to update the server.xml file?

Best regards

Hi @Calle_Hedberg

Thanks for taking time to assist me. Though I do not remember updating Tomcat, I thought of checking the server.xml file for this parameter; I do not find any “RelaxedQueryChars” thing in the server.xml file. Currently the line looks like:


Can you please kindly tell how to fix this line?

Once again thank you very much for assisting me.



Hi @Calle_Hedberg,

Please note I updated the connector parameter as below and it worked.


Thank you very much for pointing me to the right direction. God bless you! :pray: