URGENT: Programme rules stopped working

Hi all,

Kindly note all of a sudden all program rules stopped working in our DHIS2 live system. When I checked the console (CTRL+SHIFT+J) I managed to see the below error on the Tracker app:

{“httpStatus”:“Not Found”,“httpStatusCode”:404,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“The key ‘qkJcfUtzlAr’ was not found in the namespace ‘trackerCaptureGridColumns’.”}

Then, if I try open a record (TEI) it opens but I see the below errors too:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘displayName’ of undefined
at relationship-controller.js:169
at Object.r [as forEach] (angular.js:323)
at relationship-controller.js:162
at angular.js:13248
at n.$eval (angular.js:14466)
at n.$digest (angular.js:14282)
at n.$apply (angular.js:14571)
at l (angular.js:9698)
at M (angular.js:9888)
at XMLHttpRequest.F.onload (angular.js:9829)

I am failing to move further since I am not familiar with this kind of errors.

I request someone to kindly assist me. Now the users are not able to use the live system. Your assistance to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.

FYI, we are using Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69

Thanks in advance.



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Hi @MSP,

I haven’t encountered this myself but let’s see if anyone here has ever encountered or knows the fix to this issue. Our @dhis2-tracker team will also have a look and advise.


Thank you for reporting. We will try to reproduce the issue and make a fix. Is the issue happening always for all rules in your instance? The error message that you paste seems to indicate that there is a problem running rules in the form for adding a relationship to a new TEI.

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Thanks @Markus.

Please note we restored a day old backup as a resolution from our IT side. But it will be really helpful if you find out the cause and provide a solution (or) a fix.

Thanks and regards

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