Urgent help: I am getting very very strange results in pivot table

Hi, everyone.

I am getting a very strange result for program indicators. I have a tracker capture that tracks people across several program stages (infant feeding, Malaria, Hygiene, SRH/FP). Data clerks have registered 1334 people. In all stages, we have a data element: number of sessions attended, so the data clerk enters the number of sessions each person attended, which is six sessions maximum.

I have built a program to sum all the sessions people attended for infant feeding but I get very strange results

For the PI I have got the following:
AnalyticsType: Event
Aggregation type: Count
Expression: infant feeding.number of sessions attended
Filter: Program Stage Name ==‘infant feeding’

I expected to get approximately 8004 as result, but I get a very large number as in the picture below. Why this strange result?


can you check how it’s coming in Event Report line list

Hi @jthomas,

When I view the indicator in event report line list, I get 8134 as result, which is correct as other people have been added to the tracker. My question is: why don’t I get the same result when I use the pivot table?

Thank you.

Hi @hernandezmachava, there could be many reasons for this. You could have a different aggregation type in your pivot table, like last available data, that is different from the ER linelist. You could also have an aggregation type defined in the data element that is shown in the pivot table that is different from what you see in the linelist.

You could also have different period selection. Please check these, and I hope it helps!

Looks like this number was correct, as @hernandezmachava noted in issue #41374 that someone had entered an extremely large number and is working on a Prule to limit this in the future.

Hi @Scott,

I have found out that a user had entered a large number for number of sessions attended because there was no validation rule.

Thank you for your insights.

Hi @Matthew_Boddie ,

Of course, the problem was related to lack of field validation. I have set up a program rule to prevent users form entering large numbers in the future.


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