Urgent: Error when updating tracker profile form

Hi, all.

DHIS 2 version 2.34.4

Opening a tracker profile and trying to update new value of attribute or changing a value of a mandatory and non-mandatory attribute, I get the following error: ‘Failed to update the tracked entity instance in the server. An error occurred, please check import summary.

Users are stuck as they are not able to update tracked entity attributes.

I appreciate any help.


Would you please check this post written by users who have faced similar issues and see if it solves the problem. Please write back with the result so I can ask for further support if needed:


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Hi @Gassim,

After reading the post you suggested and opening the console for error details, I see the message in the following image. It just says there is conflict, but I think it offers no clues on what is causing the problem.


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Okay! I will ask for support and hope you’ll find the solution asap! (:

@hernandezmachava If you can click on the “Reponse” tab as shown in the below screenshot, you can see the full response sent by the server. Please copy paste the full response here and we can assist you further.

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Thanks @Ameen I will add your point to the post that I shared with @hernandezmachava (:

Hi @Ameen,

Here is the full response

{“httpStatus”:“Conflict”,“httpStatusCode”:409,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“An error occurred, please check import summary.”,“response”:{“responseType”:“ImportSummary”,“status”:“ERROR”,“importOptions”:{“idSchemes”:{},“dryRun”:false,“async”:false,“importStrategy”:“CREATE_AND_UPDATE”,“mergeMode”:“REPLACE”,“reportMode”:“FULL”,“skipExistingCheck”:false,“sharing”:false,“skipNotifications”:false,“skipAudit”:false,“datasetAllowsPeriods”:false,“strictPeriods”:false,“strictDataElements”:false,“strictCategoryOptionCombos”:false,“strictAttributeOptionCombos”:false,“strictOrganisationUnits”:false,“requireCategoryOptionCombo”:false,“requireAttributeOptionCombo”:false,“skipPatternValidation”:false,“ignoreEmptyCollection”:false,“force”:false,“firstRowIsHeader”:true,“skipLastUpdated”:false},“importCount”:{“imported”:0,“updated”:0,“ignored”:1,“deleted”:0},“conflicts”:[{“object”:“Attribute.value”,“value”:“Value ‘Fumbe 1’ is not a valid option for attribute yCcY3BCzBW2 and option set nC3j3WeXKbU”}],“reference”:“ZRMgSAhv5mT”}}

I am trying to select a value from an option of a data element that was previously not compulsory. the first time I filled the registration form, I did not select any value from the drop down list as it was not mandatory. Later I wanted to update the same field by selecting a value. This time I get this error and the DE was into mandatory from the configuration before trying to edit it.

NOTE: Not all values selected form the drop down list give the error. i.e, I am able to update other values apart from the one that is giving error.


Hi @hernandezmachava
Looks like the option you are using was removed from the option set but you are still seeing it because it’s in cache and was previously stored in the attribute. Clear cache using the browser cache cleaner app (select all the options) and see if the options that give you trouble still show up in the menu.

Hi @juan,

The option was not removed from the option set. See the image below:

I have selected all other options from drop down list in the profile form and work well, but only the option Fumbe 1 is giving trouble.


Hi @hernandezmachava
Can you check that the option set is indeed nC3j3WeXKbU as mentioned in the error? when you edit the option set the UID should be visible in the URL as seen in the example attached.

Hi @juan,

Yes, the option set is indeed the one shown/mentioned in the error.


@hernandezmachava take a look at the option set with the following API call:

[your instance URL]/api/optionSets/nC3j3WeXKbU?fields=*,options[name,id,sortOrder]

All the options should have a code and the sort order should be sequential starting from 1, if that is not the case then you’ll have to replace any options missing the code and try to sort by name or code, then test again.

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Hi, @juan,

Using the API, I saw that all options had a code and the sort order was sequential. What I did is removing the option that was causing problem and recreating it. Now things are working well again.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Thank you @juan! I marked the post as solved, and I’m glad @hernandezmachava you found the solution! (: