Urgent_error - Something went wrong

Hi all,

DHIS 2 version 2.36.4

We are trying to view data from a dataset, and we are always getting the error below. This error shows when we add the attribute combo dimension; if we remove it, no error is shown. We are stuck. we need to view and download data for report.

What is strange is that we are able to view data from other data sets, even if we select the attribute combo dimension.


Did you try to clear cache+run analytics and try again?
Also the data which you selected, is there any differences between other data sets? Maybe option sets \ data types. Can you open this dataSet in Data Entry?

I usually have this kind of error with Indicators, sometimes the formula doesn’t pick up and after cleaning the cache it works.

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Hey @fernando,
Are you able to access it using the API? You can check the full link from the Network tab (if you send me the complete link that is highlighted in red, I might be able to generate different API URLs for you to check where exactly is the issue, but it could still be a bug!)

For example, I am able to access the attribute “Classification” on play as well as checking the access settings https://play.dhis2.org/2.37.1/api/attributes?fields=id,name,publicAccess,access,sharing&filter=name:ilike:Classification

You could do something like this: [your-instance-domain]/api/attributes?fields=id,name,publicAccess,access,sharing&filter=name:ilike:[attribute-name]

Thanks! (:

Hi @Daler,

I have cleared cache and run analytics but no success.

Yes, there is a difference. The only difference is that two datasets have an attribute combo attached to them. The data set we want the data from is the one shown in the image below. it has RARE_TB_ACtivistas as an attribute comobo

From data visualizer in the pivot table, we select the data element group, Orgunits, period, but we when select the last dimension RARE_TB_activistas, we get the error:

NB: When we view data of other data sets which do not have an attribute combo, there is no error and everything goes well.


Hi @Gassim,

In this example, does attributes refer to program attributes or attribute combination?

In the image share above, we have RARE_TB - activistas as attribute combination attached to the data set named RARE_RM_ACS - TB


@fernando please send the full network log (without including any sensitive info)

The /api/attributes seems to be for all attributes!

Hi @Gassim and @Daler

We have realized that if the number of options is small within the attribute combo, there is no error, and We can view the data per activista/CHW - DH - Paralegal has 53 options. See image below:

We get the error if there are many options within the attribute combo - RARE_TB - activistas has 327 options - as we can see below.

Removing the dimension, data is shown:

But We want to view data per Chw.

In this situation, what steps should we take to solve the problem?


I dont understand what do you mean per CHW? Is it RARE_TB - activistas combo?

if its not working with that combo and if there are limitations on how many options it should have, then the next obvious move would be to export data out of DHIS2 and do manual analysis…

If would be nice if someone from @dhis2-backend can light up on this case?

Hi @Daler

RARE_TB - activistas is an attribute combo/ a dropdown list of activistas (CHWs). Image below

Data is entered per activista (CHW) and we want to view data per CHW in the data visualizer, but when we select this dimension (RARE_TB - activistas), we get an error.


Hi @fernandoshake
You will need to investigate your server logs when you make the request to see if there is any error there as @Daler suggests. You should also check the browser logs developer mode to see if there is any error in the browser.

Do any of your “activistas” options contain characters with diacritics? It might be an encoding problem, or potentially something else.

At either rate, its hard to say without additional information from the logs.