Urgent: DHIS Installation Issue - Analytics Not Running

Dear Community,

with the installation of DHIS We have followed the standard installation steps and configured the system settings to use the Nepali Calendar. However, we are encountering difficulties when attempting to run Analytics.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up the installation
  • Changed the system setting to use the Nepali Calendar
  • Attempted to run Analytics

Unfortunately, Analytics is not running as expected,

Are you able to reproduce this error on play DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone?

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Dear @moses_mwale,

I am unable to change system calender setting to nepali on demo instance

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Are you running on linux or windows …docker or ?

Dear @Shapr0019

I have experience running operating systems( macOS, Windows, Linux). , Docker containers.

We were unable to resolve the issue with the analytics table generation within the dhis core versions ( 2.39, 2.39, 2.40, 2.42-SNAPSHOT currently master dev code ) .

As a temporary fix, we’ve set up a new instance for DHIS2-core and resolved the analytics issue internally, specifically tailored for the Nepali calendar. We involves updating the React applications such as Tracker Capture and Capture, and custom applications with other tasks lined up on our timeline.

We encountered the following errors during this process:
org.hisp.dhis.resourcetable.jdbc.JdbcResourceTableStore [pool-4-thread-11] Generating resource table: ‘analytics_rs_periodstructure’
RROR org.hisp.dhis.system.notification.InMemoryNotifier [pool-4-thread-11] Month not valid [1,4,7,10], was given 9

Nepali to ISO date conversion in the getIsoDate() function should permanently resolve the issue in the DHIS2 core WAR file.

Thanks for your message!

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