[URGENT] Android app not syncing and want to see the error log file

Hi all.

Please note a couple of tablets are not syncing with the server. We use more than 200 tablets for offline data capture (Tracker App) since last year. Lately, several tablets are not syncing the Client Profile and simply throwing the following error:


The funny part is, all stage level data are synced if we sync them individually.

I am sure, there should be an error or log that will be written by the App in the Android file system. Can someone assist me to locate that log, please? I hope the log file will shed some light on the issue that is stopping the syncing.

Thanks in advance.

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HI @MSP, What DHIS2 version are you running?

Hi @jomutsani,

We are using DHIS2 Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69.

And, the issue is with the tracker capture app in tablet (version 0.5.6 (64)). Hence I am looking for the log file on the tablet.

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Hi @MSP, Have you tried navigating to the Settings

then to the Open Sync error Log to access the logs?

Hi @jomutsani,

Thanks for trying to assist me. FYI, we are still using an older version (see my post).

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