URGENT - An error occurs while saving an event

Hey Everyone/@Gassim

Is anyone else having trouble saving an event (without registration program)? V-2.36.6

When we try to save an event, we get the error ‘No programme instance found for event’.

The bug has been reported on JIRA(#12817) and can be reproduced on several versions. This is a VERY CRUCIAL bug for us, as we mostly use event programmes (without registration), and as a result of this error, we had to stop data entry into the system.

Please let me know if anyone has found a solution to this problem or when it will be resolved.

many thanks!

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Facing the same issue, any updates on this?

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Thank you for reporting this issue. This is not a bug in the software since creating the event program with same configuration and assigning the same data elements doesn’t reproduce the same issue. See video below:

This issue probably needs debugging the database tables related to the program with the issue. I will triage this to the developer team. Thank you for your patience!

We created the programinstance for these programmes in the database and it started working.
Thank you for all your support.

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