[URGENT] Aggregate values tab shows on OU whereas Events tab shows another OU

Hi all,

I am having a strange issue in Event reports. When I see the Aggregated values the values are aggregated under one Org Unit but when I see the same data using Events tab, all data appear under a different Org unit. The OU unit under the Events is the correct one but somehow when I see the same data in Aggregated values, it picks a different/wrong OU.

What could be the issue? I tried checking all configurations such as Org Unit Groups etc but everything looks fine.

I am stuck. Kindly help to resolve this issue urgently.

Hi @MSP,

I am not seeing this issue in our test instance. Could you please provide more information:

  • What version are you seeing this issue in?
  • Is the issue when moving between line listing and pivot table styles in the event reports app?
  • Are you changing any of the org unit levels when looking for the totals?
  • Could you please provide steps to reproduce the issue in play.dhis2.org?

If you would like, I am happy to talk with you to work through the issue. You can send me an email at scott@dhis2.org so we can find a time to talk.

Hi @Scott

Thanks for taking your time to assist me. My answers are

  • We are using DHIS2 Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69
  • Yes, the issue is when moving between line listing and pivot table styles in the event reports app.
  • No. I just keep all other params as it is.
  • I am not sure how to reproduce the error. However, see below:
    • I can see the data is correct thru Tracker Capture app.
    • I used the Event reports app to create the Pivot table.
    • When I found the wrong Org Unit, I just switched to see the listing. Surprisingly, I am not seeing the wrong org unit but the correct org unit in the listing.
    • I again switched to Pivot table to check and found the wrong org unit appears on the pivot table side.
    • I checked the raw data and checked the organistationunitid in trackedentityinstance, programinstance and programstageinstance tables. They all show correct org unit number.
    • Then thought that the Org unit group may be wrongly configured but my investigation proved wrong. They too are configured correctly.

I will be glad to connect with you thru or Zoom or Skype and show the real system.

Please advise.

Thanks once again.