Urgent: age blank

I have an event capture program that contains a data element of type “Age”. When exporting data form event reports it is showing blank data, yet when exporting it from the Import/Export app it shows values.
Is there a way I can export them from event reports.

Hi @Sdn
It seems another user was facing a similar issue.


Hi all,
We/MSF have an app in development for exporting event data in Excel format - it shows TEAs of the below ok:

Exported display:

I can provide some more info from next week if you are interested in using the app (& even adding it to the App Hub early this year…)
It has some extra functions as well, which are shown below (as well as a ‘blacklist’ of TEAs being exported e.g. Patient DoB, location etc.)

Let me know if you are interested!

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Can you give us more details?

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Yes, please feel free to write about the app in #development:app-development!

Tagging our developer advocate, @Rene!


Sure, for the TEA Blacklist part; in a simple summary, to copy the UID of the TEA into the Datastore app/key that links to the EventExport app, give it a name & then whenever a user runs the export the TEA will not be exported.

Since the app is still in development anyone (working on a status bar for it atm) interested can contact/DM me, then we can follow up there.

Am unsure the process/steps to provide/release this app (developed by BAO) to the App Hub for public use, so if more info can be provided I can help out :slight_smile:

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