Upgrading to 2.32.4 is leaving custom attribute values empty

Hey DHIS2 family,

We’re upgrading DHIS2 v_2.31.8 to v_2.32.4. Everything was successful during the upgrade process, meaning there are no errors in the log files, and the table public.flyway_schema_history is showing that all the migrations were run successfully.

But we’ve realized that the table public.organisationunitattributevalues is empty so all the organisation unit attribute values are missing in the maintenance app.

We’ve already raised a JIRA ticket but we were wondering if anyone have had experienced this. If so, which were your workarounds?

Any insight would be helpful.



Hi @barreda,

Thank you for highlighting this issue and also for reporting it on JIRA.

I have reached out to @dhis2-backend so they can follow up the issue further, and they can also let you know if there are any workarounds or if you will have to wait until a future patch release of 2.32.

Thank you again for being such an active member of the community!

Best regards,

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