Upgrade of Vietnamese code

Vietnamese team,

I just had a look at the your modules in local/vn folder and I have
upgraded the web modules to struts 2. From your last demo I know there
is a lot of good functionality in here.

However I have a few comments:

o I can see that you probably are running some minor forks/copies of
some of the modules in trunk, like dhis-api, dhis-options, since some
code is referring to methods and variables that does not exist in
trunk. Some of these, eg getDataSets( PeriodType ) in DataSetService
and the KEY_REPORT_TEMPLATE_DIR constant in UserSettingService, are
general stuff that you can just put in trunk. I have implemented them
in trunk for now...

Running copies of trunk is bad because is harder to help out with
debugging, the modules in local/vn will break for other people, and it
is harder to keep the code synchronized with trunk. If you need
general methods just put it in trunk.

Also you have in local/vn a project dhis-api, which is a fork of
dhis-api in trunk. Could we try to merge this either with dhis-api in
trunk or with the dhis-api-vn project? Having local projects with the
same artifact id as those in trunk makes it difficult to maintain
because it will overwrite the current one in everyone's local maven
repository. Remember that the local modules should build for all

Having a api project for your local modules is a good idea however.

o Follow the dhis2 codestyle. I have attached the the xml style file,
just import it in eclipse and click shit-ctrl-f to auto-format.

o Please commit code as you work. We had a good session a couple of
months back but since then there's been no commits...

o Are the dhis-web-hue-reporttool and dhis-web-hcmc-reporttool modules
still in use, or can we remove them?

o Could you please explain how the dhis-web-chr-form module is
running, as the web.xml is not "extensive"?

I am happy to help out if there's anything else I can do :slight_smile: Since I
was not able to compile I might have forgotten something.

best regards,


dhis-code-style-eclipse.xml (26.4 KB)