Upgrade from 2.30 to 2.38: Issues and Resolution Plan

I have successfully completed the incremental upgrade process from DHIS 2.30 to 2.38 (which includes upgrades from 2.31, 2.32, 2.33, 2.34, 2.35, 2.36, 2.37, and 2.38).

I have identified several issues that need to be resolved and have come up with a plan to address them one by one.

Data Administration > Analytics tables management

Generate Resource Table Issue: I have encountered an error while running the Generate Resource Table. Please find attached the error screenshot and the catalina.log file for your reference.

I would appreciate your prompt response and support in addressing this issue so that I can continue with the upgrade process.

Hi @rcpoudel

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Thank you for sharing the above info; however, to begin with, the incremental upgrade process is only required for older versions (From v2.29 or below). Furthermore, the documentation clearly mentions that it’s recommended to upgrade from your current version (v 2.30) directly up to the target version (without having to upgrade version-by-version.)

Would you please try again using the recommended approach?

Please check out the instructions from the docs here

Thank you!

Dear @Gassim

I would like to share with you the latest updates on our DHIS 2 upgrade process.

As a reminder, we are upgrading from DHIS 2.30 with a customized war file, with a data size of 34 GB and using Java version jdk1.8.0_202 and Postgres version 9.6. Our initial plan was to directly upgrade to version 2.36 using Flyway, however, this failed due to a “FlywayValidateException”.

Therefore, we have decided to follow an incremental upgrade process. We have successfully upgraded from 2.30 to 2.36, and the analytics are executing and running. However, there is an issue with the selection of organizations not working in the data entry app.

We have then decided to further upgrade to version 2.38, and this was also successfully completed along with upgrading the Java version to java-11-openjdk and the Postgres version to 12.

I have followed the recommended approach, and attached the latest log for your reference.

Although, I am still facing some issues and I believe I am on the right track to solve it and achieve our goal of upgrading to the latest version.

Thanks for the update! I don’t think incremental upgrading is necessary but if it’s working then that’s great. One quick note first,

First, please make sure that the sharing settings for the data sets are shared with the user for capture and view. Second, could you try clear the cache and check again? Perform these steps in the screenshot below.

Third, please test again in Guest mode. If you still face an issue, please open the Network tab in the DevTools (F12 → Network tab) right before clicking on the OU. After clicking on the OU while the Network tab is open, please select the text that has an error and take a screenshot.

Thank you!

Thank you for your response and for providing me with the steps to troubleshoot the issue with the data sets. Unfortunately, after following the steps that you suggested, I am still facing the same issue.

I have attached a screenshot of the error message that I received after clicking on the OU in Guest mode with the Network tab open.

On Resource table generate

On OU selection

I would appreciate any further suggestions that you may have for resolving this issue. Please let me know if there is any additional information that I can provide that may be helpful.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Dear @Gassim

The problem was caused by a large number of unwanted lock exceptions, which we have successfully removed. The app is now functioning as usual.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate the assistance you have provided in resolving the issue. I will keep you updated if any further issues arise.